ELODEA "Voyager" LP

The vinyl version of 'Voyager' is limited to 104 hand-numbered copies.

1.Becoming One With the Desert 

2.Polymers Are Forever 

3.Fraction of the Whole 


"Voyager is a sophomore album by the Slovenian post-metal doomsters Elodea, who have been around since the late nineties and still maintain their mysterious presence by peering out publicly only on rare occasions. After four years of waiting, they present us with their own vision of voyage in the quest of beauty, where light ceases to exist. In a way, it's a timeless anger-fuelled voyage through the super massive black hole they perfectly managed to capture in 4 songs. The record features a guest appearance by Rennie Resmini of the highly respected and influential group Starkweather."

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